Hello Again!

I'm a Tampa-based, hybrid photographer, meaning I enjoy shooting both on digital as well as 35mm film. 

I'm a romantic through and through. I tend to look at the world through rose colored lenses almost constantly — which is terrible for my reality, but will honestly make for incredible pictures for you! Hehe. By taking this approach to life I believe my images will capture authentic, candid moments that radiate nostalgia and happiness. 

I grew up in Tampa and always claimed, "I'm never coming back!" But yet here I am. With time removed, I found happiness in Tampa with the urge to explore and uncover some photogenic little pockets of the Bay Area.


I lived in Tallahassee for 6 years while I finished my BA in Creative Writing and my MS in Library Information Studies, both from Florida State University. It was Tallahassee's charm and giant oak trees that sparked my love of photography. It's where I started my business taking portraits of Graduates.

And for a very special year of my life, I lived in Italy while working for Florida State University's study center in their lil, old library. I can sum up my time in Florence as learning to take life slowly. I learned: how to take the same street everyday, but look at it differently each time; the magic of history and art; how to best drink prosecco (which is during sunset at aperitivo with good company); and how to navigate almost any public transport system in any language in under a minute.

I've had some incredible life experiences which feed into the type of art I want to create through photographing my clients. If you can see this in my work, then we might be meant to be! 


I can't to see what we create together.